Photo Dirk Mahler, © Fraunhofer ISE

Education and work history

1977- 1990         Academic High-school in Lochham near Munich, Germany

1990 – 1996       Studies of physics, mathematics and philosophy at the University of Zurich, Switzerland

November 1996  Diploma in experimental physics, University of Zurich

                           PhD thesis “Metal organic vapour phase epitaxy for the fabrication of high efficiency solar cells from III-V

                           semiconductors” at the Fraunhofer ISE, Freiburg, Germany

June 2000          PhD by University of Konstanz, Germany

Sept. 2000          Fellowship by the German Science Foundation to perform post doctoral studies in the group of

       Prof. Gerald Stringfellow at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, U.S.A.

Since 2001         Scientist at Fraunhofer ISE, Freiburg, Germany

Since 2007         Head of department “III-V – Epitaxy and Solar Cells” at Fraunhofer ISE, Freiburg, Germany


FEE Innovation Award Energy, 2nd place, 2010, Fraunhofer Award 2010, Grand Prix Scientifique, Foundation Louis D (highest endowed French science award by the Institut de France) 2010, German-French Economy Award 2011, World Technology Award 2015

Professional experiences

  • Development of high efficiency multi-junction solar cells for space- and terrestrial concentrator applications
  • Semiconductor device processing and characterisation
  • Development of concentrator photovoltaic modules and systems
  • Solar hydrogen generation
  • Management of national and European development projects
  • More than 200 scientific publications
  • Inventor of 15 patents in the field of III-V photovoltaic cells and CPV modules
  • Supervising 40 master and PhD thesis since 2002


  • First demonstration of a monolithic 2-terminal III-V/Si tandem solar cell with an efficiency of 31.3% under AM1.5g in 2017
  • Industrial R&D of wafer bonded 4-junction solar cells leading to the world’s highest photovoltaic conversion efficiency of 46 % at 500-suns concentration in 2014.
  • Development of GaAs concentrator solar cells leading to a world record efficiency for single-junction devices of 29.1 % in 2010.
  • Research on multi-junction concentrator solar cells with a focus on the use of lattice mismatched materials. This led to a record efficiency of 41.1 % in 2009.
  • Development of the first monolithic multi-junction solar cells incorporating 5 and 6 pn-junctions.
  • Development of triple-junction space solar cells optimized for maximum radiation hardness, including ultra-thin devices with less than 10 µm thickness and cells with strain balanced quantum wells.
  • Development of monolithic integrated module (MIM) technology for central solar cell receivers at ultra high concentration levels leading to   24.7 % efficient tandem MIM solar cells at 1.04 MW/m2 in 2009.
  • Development of FLATCON® concentrator modules and systems (FLATCON abbreviates Fresnel Lens All Glass Tandem Cell Concentrator).
  • Invention of a concentrator PV module HyCon® for the direct generation of hydrogen from sunlight and water with a demonstrated record efficiency of 30 % (HyCon abbreviates Hydrogen Concentrator) in 2016.
  • Frank Dimroth was a co-founder of Concentrix Solar in 2005, later SOITEC Solar with manufacturing in Freiburg and San Diego.
  • Invited talks at international conferences including:  ISCS 2005, HeTech 2007, EMRS 2007, IEEE PVSC 2009, ACCGE 2009, PVTC 2011, EWMOVPE 2011, ICMOVPE 2012, EMRS 2012, PVSEC 2013, EASAC 2013, ISISC-7 2015, Si-Forrest 2015, Compound Semiconductor 2016, Gordon Conference on Solar Energy 2016, EWMOVPE 2017, IEEE PVSC 2017, PVSEC 2017.
  • Program and Publications Chair for several PV conferences
  • Editor of IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics in the area of III-V, Concentrator and Space PV
  • Expert advisor to the European Commission, the French ANR and other international funding organizations
  • Technology due diligence for international investment companies in the field of PV


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