Act now

We need concious action in this world

We are the most developed species on this planet, able to create wonderful things from what our planet has to offer. We developed technology to fly around the world, communicate over thousands of kilometers, exchange goods and services. We write literature, make fantastic music. These are wonderful achievements but at the same time we have turned into the most destructive species on this planet, splitting and separating, me versus you instead of me and you. We cannot continue to ignore that our actions have negative consequences. Weapons lead to war, CO2 emissions to climate change, soil degradation to less food, poison to cancer, super cheap clothes to precarious working conditions. We know all of this. Our actions have consequences and they become more and more disastrous up to the point where they are threatening the basis of our own life. Let’s stop this before it is too late. Nature will teach us otherwise in the most brutal way. The basis for a better development is holistic compassion, a feeling of union with the earth, with other humans and the ecosystem. We are belonging to this one mother earth. There is no hope in space or any other planet. There is no hope in concreate bunkers which survive atomic bombs. There is no hope in freezing deaths to wake up in better times. There is no hope if we kill everyone who has a different opinion. These are sick ideas of people who either believe that technology can solve everything or that there is no hope. But both is not true! Most humans are compassionate loving people who do not want to harm anyone. This is the clear majority. It is wonderful to see how people in Europe help millions of refugees from Ukraine. But it is a shame that this had to happen and that we react only once the spotlight of the media has been pointing to the disaster. The Ukraine conflict has been evolvig over many years, but only once it converts into a war with millions of refugess and killed people, we react. We need to get better in prevention. The reaction to war must be to stand up for peace, to deescalate, not to build new weapons. In a similar way, the reaction to global warming must be more renewable energies, the reaction to imbalance sharing, the reaction to population increase birth control, the reaction to different opinion discussion. There is no other way. How should more military ever lead to more peace? How should more drugs heal a junky? We get what we seed. Let’s plant the things that we like to see growing in this world. Trees in the desert, organic farming for healthy food, healthy soil, renewable energies and circular economies. Let's help the poor to develop, discuss with those who disagree. We are the majority, and we are the future. Frank Dimroth / 6.3.2022