PV Ennepetal

In 2012 I have invested in a 98.4 kW photovoltaic power plant on an industry complex in North-West Germany. This PV installation consists of All-European components from the modules (Bosch Solar), inverters (Refusol), the mounting materials, construction companies and contractors to create maximum local value and employment.

The power plant produces clean electricity for 29 typical households with 4 people like my own family. With this investment I am replacing the import and burning of fossil fuels by local jobs and value creation. I help to reduce CO2 emissions and potential damage to our climate. The power plant is calculated to generate an average rate of return of 4% based on a feed-in tariff of 23cent/kWh. This may not be enough for a big energy company but for a private investment the return is higher than in my bank account.

And after 20 years of operation the system may still produce electricity - but then for free. Nobody can tell me that photovoltaics is the most expensive source of energy. This is not true in Germany and certainly not in any country with even higher solar irradiance.

This PV plant has already produced more than 338.718 kWh of electricity!